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Today, lipomatic on the abdomen, is one of the fastest methods for losing weight, that is why it is very popular among people. Lipomatic on the abdomen is performed by a device and removes the abdominal and side fat.




In lipomatic, fat tissues are broken down and taken out from the body. A tube called cannula is inserted into the abdomen in this procedure. In addition to reciprocating movements, this tube has rotatory and vibratory movements. The technology used in this device is so subtle and incomparable that has distinguished it from liposuction.


What Is Lipomatic?

Lipomatic is the newest procedure to take out fat from the body with a completely different and unbelievable result compared with other fat removal methods, like liposuction or lipolaser.

Lipomatic is performed on an outpatient basis and normally without using general anesthesia. In this procedure, large volumes of fat cells are taken out in the first session with the least swelling, bruising, and pain. This method does not cause more skin sagging, rather it helps to tighten the skin.

Lipomatic Procedure

In lipomatic procedure, the fat cells are destroyed physically, not by radiation or heat, and are emulsified by vibrating movements of the cannula tube, and then these fats are removed from the body gently through the device. The safety problem in liposuction procedure is solved in lipomatic procedure. Lipomatic not only leads to weight loss but also changes the size, bulk, and form. Lipomatic is a simple procedure with satisfactory results and minimal risks.



Lipomatic on the abdomen is different from old methods like liposuction. In lipomatic procedure, tools and instruments are more modern, so possible complications are fewer and those, ,such as the bruising, swelling, and skin burns are temporary in lipomatic, and they will eliminated a few days after surgery. Despite liposuction procedure, there is no safety problem in lipomatic procedure, and patients feel the changes after surgery. They also can return to their daily routines in about one week, because recovery period after surgery is short.



The Advantages of Lipomatic on the Abdomen

Some advantages of lipomatic on the abdomen are as follows:

_Abdominal lipomatic procedure is done under local anesthesia so general anesthesia is not used and the patient feels no pain during surgery.

_If surgery is performed by a specialist and in a clinic or in an equipped operating room, the possibility of the infection will be minimized.

_The possibility of emboly in abdominal lipomatic procedure is very less than it in liposuction methods.

_Due to less traumatic bruises, skin tightening in this procedure is more better than other methods.

_The operation is outpatient so patients can do their routine activities after having it.

_The postoperative swelling and oozing are less.

_The postoperative feeling of bruises and fatigue are less.

_Skin sagging happens rarely in this procedure.

_Removal abdominal fat through this operation can be used in other parts of body, such as lips or cheeks.



The Disadvantages and Complications of Lipomatic

_Lipomatic takes almost a long time which may cause the errors and tiredness of the doctor.

_Lipomatic can be performed only on the abdomen, thighs, and arms ,not on other areas of the body.

_Due to drastic movements of the cannula in lipomatic, severe bruising occurs in the patient’s body.

_This procedure can only be used on the large areas of body not on the delicate areas like double chin.

_People with diabetes, those who have high blood pressure, or people suffering from the cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor before having lipomatic.



Post-Operative Instructions

_Due to the loose skin after surgery, shape-wear shorts should be used at least 9 weeks ,but it is preferable to use them 6 months.

_Bruising as a result of surgery can last for 2 weeks and the patient should be informed of that in order not to be stressed.

_Due to drastic vibrating movements and bleeding during surgery, a late or early period is common.


Who Are Not Good Candidates For Lipomatic?

Before performing surgery, the doctor asks the patient to have pre-operative tests. After observing the results, if they are satisfactory, the doctor will perform lipomatic on the patient and if not, the doctor will refrain from doing it.





People suffering from the obesity are better off not undergoing lipomatic. This is the method for removing fat from a certain area of the body, so it is useful for people whose abdomen or certain area of their body is too fat, not for those being grossly fat or overweight, because every area of these people’s body has to be targeted for lipomatic and their lives will be also in danger.


Infectious Diseases

If an individual is suffering from an infectious disease and her immune system is weakened, lipomatic will not be appropriate for her. It is also true about people with chronic diseases or diabetes. But when the doctor observes the results of these patients’ tests and determines that surgery will not put them in danger, they can prepare themselves for it.

Before surgery, the doctor prescribes some medications too which should be taken by the patients regularly until having the operation.

Lipomatic Cost

The cost of lipomatic depends on the number of targeted areas of the individual’s body. This Surgery because of being outpatient, costs less than those being performed under general anesthesia.



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