Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran

The first thing that comes to the mind of a candidate for rhinoplasty is usually the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran. Cost of this surgery varies depending on several factors. You may find a surgeon who performs rhinoplasty for 3 million tomans and another one for 20 million tomans. So the questions are, what are the factors affecting the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran? What is a reasonable fee?

To some people costs are more important than anything else and they wish to get rhinoplasty at the lowest cost. But they should note that since the nose has a significant role in facial beauty, choosing a qualified surgeon is the most important thing and costs are the last thing to take into consideration.



cost of rhinoplasty in Iran



Effective Factors on the Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran:

  • Nose Type

Nose type is of a great role in determining the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran. It is common that people with fleshy noses pay more for rhinoplasty than those with bony noses. Also, a revision rhinoplasty performed by a surgeon other than the first one may cost more than the primary surgery.

  • Surgeon’s Experience and Skill

There is a direct relationship between a surgeon’s experience and skill and the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran, because it is obvious that a surgeon who has performed many nose jobs is fully aware of intraoperative challenges and will charge higher.

  • Geographical Region

Cost of rhinoplasty varies in each region or city like any other services. For example, you cannot compare the cost of rhinoplasty in Tehran to it in small cities, because good surgeons reside in large cities and their fees are higher.

cost of rhinoplasty in Iran2


Rhinoplasty for Cheap

As mentioned before, you can get rhinoplasty even for 3 million tomans, but the point is, who performs this surgery? Rhinoplasty for cheap is usually done for different reasons. One of those common reasons is residents who have just started working and perform rhinoplasty at a low cost in hospital. These people do not have enough experience and skill to deal with intraoperative challenges and it may increase the risk of surgical errors. The other reason for a cheap rhinoplasty can be the number of rhinoplasty surgeries performed by a surgeon within a day. It means that, the more surgeries are performed within a day, the lower concentration and fee will be.

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran for Fleshy Noses:

A fleshy nose has a thick skin and thin cartilage. Rhinoplasty for this type of nose usually has a more complicated procedure compared to the rhinoplasty for a bony nose. And it is hard to detect changes in a fleshy nose after surgery because of its thick covering. Thus, it costs more than a bony nose surgery for the complexity of it.


cost of rhinoplasty in Iran11


Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran for Bony Noses:

A bony nose is the one with a thin skin and firm anatomy. Cost of rhinoplasty for a bony nose varies according to the nose’s problems, such as nasal polyps, nasal humps, breathing problems, etc. So a bony nose with a small hump will cost lower than a nose with a fleshy tip and thin cartilage.

Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty in Iran:

A revision rhinoplasty is done when an individual has breathing problems or is not happy with the appearance of his/her nose after rhinoplasty. Sometimes, due to the obsessive thoughts, some people decide to undergo a second rhinoplasty, so a good mental health of a candidate for rhinoplasty is important.

A revision rhinoplasty usually costs more than a primary one because its process is more difficult and complex. It includes different types from a simple surgery for removing extra bone to changing the appearance of a patient’s nose completely. In extremely small noses or those with deformities that cartilage grafts are needed from ear or rip to repair them, this type of rhinoplasty costs more as well.


cost of rhinoplasty in Iran6


Will Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons is by no means covered by contractors’ insurance and people should pay all the costs by themselves.  Some insurance companies may cover some of the costs of rhinoplasty in Iran for correcting deviated nasal septum, fractures, and breathing problems; however, you should prove the truth of these problems to these companies which is very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Iran/ Before and After Surgery Costs:

If a doctor does not charge for visits or changing tape and bandage of the nose, there will be no costs after rhinoplasty. But costs you should pay before rhinoplasty include cost of consultation before rhinoplasty, blood test, physical exam, or CT scan (if there is a deviated nasal septum and other problems).


Dr. Hamid Reza Vafaei

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