Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery 3

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery

Cosmetic abdominal surgery is a procedure used to remove excess fat and skin from the abdomen and flanks. This surgery is suitable for those with too much flab and excess skin in their abdominal area, who can transform their flabby abdomen into a firmer, flatter, and tighter one.

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery 3


Types of Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery

Today, there are different types of cosmetic abdominal surgeries to improve the abdomen appearance and tighten it, which we will refer to below.

It is the cosmetic surgeon who should determine the suitable surgical procedure for the person, so choose the type of your abdominal surgery based on your surgeon’s opinion in order to achieve the desired result from your surgery and be more satisfied with it. The most commonly performed procedures of cosmetic abdominal surgery include lipomatic, abdominoplasty, and abdominal lift.

It is important to note that the type of cosmetic abdominal surgery depends on the age of the person, length of the abdomen, and amount of the sagging skin and tissue need to be removed.

The cosmetic surgeon offers the most suitable type of abdominal surgery for the patient by examining her abdomen, then the patient decides which method to use based on the surgeon’s recommendations. However, the combination of abdominoplasty and lipomatic can also be performed on some patients.


Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery 3


Four Types of Cosmetic Abdominoplasty Surgery

  • Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck: in this type of cosmetic surgery, an incision is made on the person’s abdomen.
  • Laser lipo: it is a type of cosmetic surgery to remove subcutaneous fat using lasers.
  • Abdominal surgery by lipomatic.
  • A combination of the two methods above can be used in abdominal surgery.

Abdominoplasty, which requires incisions and sutures, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess abdominal fat, and those with flabby belly are good candidates for this surgery.

In lipomatic, abdominal fat is removed through a tube and this removal fat can be transferred to other parts of the body, and it should be mentioned that in this method there is no need to make an incision.

Cosmetic abdominal surgery is used to remove excess fat and flatten the abdomen, because abdomen and flanks are important parts of the body which are effective in the attractiveness of people.

Extreme diets and exercises, which are used to flatten the abdomen, not only are difficult for the person but also take a long time to see results, and if they be stopped, fat will come back.

Cosmetic abdominal surgery eliminates the abdominal fat in one session and if the person follows post-operative instructions, fat will not come back in the abdominal area.

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery


Conditions for Having a Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery

You should have a constant weight, good overall health, and reasonable expectations of the surgery’s result. Women who have had several pregnancies as well as the flabby skin and excess fat in their abdomen, are good candidates for this surgery.

The Best Procedure of Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery

Beneath the skin lie the fatty tissues and under these tissues, muscles are located. There may occur different problems in each of these layers, that each type of problem is eliminated with a specific surgical procedure. Pregnancy and weight loss can cause the sagging abdominal skin which can be treated with an abdominal lift surgery.

You can also use abdominoplasty to treat your sagging abdominal skin, in which an incision is made underneath the abdomen, and release is done from this area. If there is a large amount of fat, lipolysis is used combined with another method, such as laser, lipomatic, or Ultra-Z.

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery after Giving Birth

Women undergo a series of changes after pregnancy and childbirth. During pregnancy, the abdominal area gets bigger and after childbirth, the abdomen transforms into a flabby one due to weight loss. These changes not only affect the appearance of the body but also may cause a low self-confidence and low spirits. Therefore, these problems can be resolved by having a cosmetic abdominal surgery.

The Right Time to Have a Cosmetic Surgery after Giving Birth

Perhaps most people wonder whether a person can have a cosmetic abdominal surgery and Cesarean section at the same time. Doing this surgery combined with Cesarean section is not recommended, because during the pregnancy, the pelvis and uterus have gotten bigger and it can take time for them to return to their original shape.

In addition, each surgeon specializes in his or her field. That is, delivery is performed by an obstetrician, while abdominal surgery is a kind of cosmetic surgery performed by a cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, for each surgery, you should go to a doctor with enough knowledge and experience in the field he or she is specialist in.

Abdominal Surgery Pre-Operative Instructions

Stop smoking for three weeks before surgery. And if you have a particular disease, be sure to tell your doctor, because some of diseases cause infections after surgery.


Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery 3


Abdominal Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

  • Rest at home for the first few days following abdominal surgery.
  • Drink enough liquids and fluids after abdominal surgery.
  • If you have pain, you should take painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
  • You might return to your daily activities within one or two weeks after surgery.
  • Start walking as soon as possible after abdominal surgery, because it helps reduce swelling and minimize the risk of developing clots in your legs.
  • You can start walking with your surgeon’s approval from the very first day of your abdominal surgery.
  • It is better to walk slightly bent over for the first week of abdominal surgery so that your pain and discomfort can be reduced and also the risk of opening the edges of your incision would be decreased.
  • Avoid driving if you use pain relievers and sleeping pills.
  • Avoid lifting anything heavier than 2 to 5 kgs for several weeks after surgery.

Cosmetic Abdominal Surgery Results

After surgery, the result of it is quite visible, curve in the lower back appears more attractive, and excess abdominal fat and skin are removed. If the patient’s weight is constant and there is no significant weight gain after surgery, it can be said that the result of abdominal surgery is not reversible.

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