Chin reshaping

Chin reshaping is designed to change the shape of your chin to match the rest of your features. You may wish to reduce the size or shape or to correct a small or receded chin. This procedure can also improve your neckline, as it sharpens the angle of your chin and tightens the skin underneath. It can also be performed in conjunction with a chin liposuction procedure to enhance the results.  Your surgeon will personalize your surgery according to factors such as your facial proportions, teeth, gums, and neckline. You also have to advise your doctor of any dental and sinus history you may have. As the procedure is done through the mouth, it will leave no incision marks. Changes can be made using implants, your own bone or shifting of the chin to achieve the desired results. You may return home on the surgery day.



  • Bone Work

This outpatient procedure takes around two to two and a half hours. Your surgeon will make an incision on the inside of your mouth and cut the bones of your chin. Titanium plates and screws will hold your bones in place once your surgeon moves them into the desired position. Bone work is a good option if you need to make a chin more prominent. It’s also optimal because the body tolerates titanium well, reducing the risk of rejection that can sometimes come with an implant.

  • Facial Implants

This outpatient procedure takes around one and a half to two hours and utilizes one of two types of chin implants: silicone and porous polyethylene. Implants come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Your surgeon will determine which implants you need according to your desires and your facial harmony.

Silicone implants are similar to the materials used for breast implants, but they are much smaller and denser. Once inserted into your face through an incision on the inside of the mouth or underneath the crease of your chin, your body will form a scar layer around the implant.

Porous polyethylene implants allow for in-growth of tissues. Since it’s a porous material, your natural tissues will grow into it, which means it will hold position better and be less apt for infection and rejection. It’s important to note that if it needs to come out due to infection or mispositioning, it’s more difficult to get out than the silicone implant.


Benefits of chin reshaping

  • Strong Chin and Jawline

The chin is usually overlooked when examining the face; however, altering it can be the simplest method for achieving a graceful facial balance. Chin augmentation or reduction can create the appearance of a more balanced chin or jawline that delicately reshapes and creates an overall satisfying bone structure with a better aesthetic balance.

  • Improved Facial Harmony

A chin that is too large or that is recessed may distract from the other facial characteristics or create the appearance of oversized facial features, such as an enlarged nose. Doctors understand the delicate balance of the facial features and will create a chin that doesn’t stand out but rather that blends in with the entire face. Patients can expect beautiful results with their newly improved facial harmony.

  • Regained Confidence

Since the face isn’t something a person can hide or cover up easily, when someone has a receding chin or an enlarged chin, it can cause them to become insecure about their facial appearance. Patients are happy with the transformation chin augmentation or chin reduction can provide, which helps them regain their confidence.



Chin reshaping recovery can take anywhere between two and eight weeks, according to your type of genioplasty.

People who get bone work usually take about six to eight weeks to fully heal and people who get implants usually take about two to four weeks to fully heal.

  • Twenty-Four Hours After Surgery

It’s important to plan accordingly for your first night home. Arrange to have a family member or friend who is dedicated to taking care of only you during the first 24 hours of recovery. You’ll likely feel the effects of the anesthesia and prescription pain medication after surgery, which means no driving. Some patients consider arranging for some extra help with their children, too.

  • First Week After Surgery

Regardless of the type of chin reshaping you get, you’ll experience swelling. You can also expect some numbness of the lower lip and teeth due to stretching during surgery. Both of these symptoms will subside in two or three weeks. You won’t be able to participate in high-impact sports or activities for up to eight weeks if you get bone work and for up to three weeks if you get an implant. Surgeons recommend you take at least one week off of work after your surgery, depending on what you do. If your profession involves risks of high impact, like construction or athletics, you’ll need to take at least two weeks off of work.



The size and shape of the chin play a crucial role in facial harmony, especially from a profile view. If you have a receding chin, it can exaggerate the size of your nose. In a front-facing view, a small chin makes other features like your forehead and nose stand out more, which causes your face to look top-heavy. A proportioned/facial balanced chin creates a greater appearance of attractiveness and self-confidence. Its role in balancing the nose and forehead are essential when a patient has concerns about their facial appearance.



 Yes! In fact, some patients who eventually decide to get a chin enhancement do not initially come in seeking one. During their consultation, their initial complaint may be that they are dissatisfied with the size of their nose, the appearance of their neck or some other aspect of their face shape. It takes an experienced cosmetic surgeon with an artistic aesthetic philosophy to recognize that these people would benefit from a chin implant surgery, often in addition to other procedures such as a rhinoplasty, or liposuction to improve the contour of their neck and remove any hint of a double chin. Chin augmentation is a straightforward procedure that adds little additional surgical risk, so a qualified plastic surgeon will be able to perform it alongside nearly any other cosmetic procedure they offer.

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