Lipomatous is one of the newest methods of fat removal from the body with a completely different and incredible result compared to other fat removal methods such as suctioning or lipolysis. Lipomatous is a minimally invasive lithotomy procedure that uses high-speed energy to break down fat and keep the connective tissue intact. Having intact connective tissue is done. Then the liquid fat will be sucked slowly and excreted from the body.


Procedure of lipomatous

In this surgery, a metal rod called a cannula will be used. At first the surgeon will do some injections in the intended area then the body will have some reaction to burn fat and then by making a very small hole in the operative cannula enters the body, cannula is very thin and sensitive metal roll, after that the cannula will stuck your Subcutaneous fat and drives them out of the body. Fats are so healthy and alive and after sucking out, they can be injected into other organs.

روش انجام لیپوماتیک

Types of lipomatous
  •  Abdominal lipomatous
  • Tight lipomatous
  • Butt lipomatous
  • Face lipomatous
  • Double chin lipomatous
  • Breast lipomatous
  • Waist lipomatous

انواع لیپوماتیک

Benefits of lipomatous
  • Efficiency and persistence are more common than other weight loss methods.
  • Avoid loosening and sagging skin
  • Chance of embolism is very low in this procedure
  • Liposomatic surgery will be performed with local anesthesia without anesthesia, so there are no potential complications that may occur after anesthesia.

لیپوماتیک پهلو

Recovery after lipomatous surgery
  • Recovery after the surgery is between 3 to 7 days.
  • After the surgery, you need to drink enough water and juice to avoid water loss
  •  If a person gets done the surgery with local anesthetics, they are usually not given a specific diet and can re-use the diet they were previously using.
  • If the patient has a high degree of laxity and skin loss after surgery, he/she should avoid sitting up to 3 days because of abdominal cramping and stiffness and poor post-abdominal form. The patient should avoid sitting and lying down for as long as possible
  • After surgery to prevent abdominal or abdominal distention and malformation, the surgeon is instructed to wear the dress immediately after surgery for at least 3 days and should not open the abdomen at all. Only for taking a bath you can take it away.

دوره نقاهت لیپوماتیک

Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure:

During a closed rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nose and no cut is done on the nose skin. After cutting, they separate the nose skin from underlying bony-cartilaginous structure of the nose by a special tool and raise and keep it up for a limited period of time, so that the surgeon can make the necessary changes.

The disadvantage of this procedure is that the scope of the surgeon’s vision over the nose is low and he cannot maneuver much to shave and shape the nose. But its advantages include: no incision is made on the nose skin, the surgery time is shorter, and the postoperative swelling is less. The closed rhinoplasty procedure is used for simple cases, such as removing the nose hump and narrowing the nasal tip.

Open Rhinoplasty Procedure:

During this procedure, an incision is made on the middle septum of the nose or in the columella area, then the skin is separated from the bone below it, and is raised up completely, so that the surgeon is able to access the nasal structure and existing defects much better and exert more complex changes. In open rhinoplasty, it is possible to correct the asymmetries, insert and fix the cartilage grafts, and use other techniques of modern rhinoplasty. On the whole, the open rhinoplasty procedure has more fans than the closed rhinoplasty procedure because it meets patients’ expectations more.


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